On Being Native in Tech

Hello relatives! :wave: I’m doing some consulting on diversity in tech from the indigenous perspective with @Jordan Naylor. There are a few themes we’ve identified, and I’d love to support and humanize these themes with quotes from the community. :sunny:

If you can relate to any of the following themes, we would love to include you anonymously in the report!

  1. :mega: The Importance of ERGs:
    If you have an indigenous ERG at your company, what has it meant to you? If you don’t have one, you can’t speak to the effect that it’s absence has on you.

  2. :roll_eyes: Stereotypes in the Workplace:
    Have you experienced any hurtful/ignorant stereotypes or situations you’ve while being indigenous in tech?

  3. :rocket: Non-Traditional Pathways:
    What was your pathway into tech? Are you self-taught, went to community college, a bootcamp, etc? How did this relate to financial ability?

  4. :sunrise_over_mountains: Rural communities:
    Are you from a rural community originally and moved away? How does your tribal community impact where you’re willing to live or if you’re willing to relocate?

Your anonymous quote will help tech CEOs can better understand the indigenous experience in tech.

If interested in contributing, please comment here with your response and your current title, or feel free to send me a private DM with your current role/title. Yahwi! :pray:t3:


Nationality: Muscogee (Creek) Nation
Current Title: Software Engineer

  1. The company I work for currently does not have an ERG for indigenous peoples but I think it would be incredibly helpful for me to have it in order to make space for indigenous peoples to share our experiences and values.
  2. I personally have not experienced stereotypes as an indigenous person in tech but I am certain they exist
  3. I got into tech through freeCodeCamp and using their curriculum to build out my portfolio to show to potential employers. I didn’t want to pay for a Bootcamp since I was already paying down debt from my graduate degree so this was the path for me.
  4. I originally am not from a rural community but I have moved closer to my Native community since I have started to work full-time remote. I think I will only look for roles that are either remote or based in OK going forward.