What are some negative experiences you have had being a Native in tech?

I think we all have stories about being a Native in tech, or just a Native person in general, in terms of the things we hear sometimes. I think it’s important to share and listen to these stories because I think it would be helpful for non-Native people to understand how sad it is for us to hear the types of prejudices and stereotypes. Let’s use this thread to share stories and uplift one another and as a side-effect maybe we can educate non-Native people in the process.

Most of my experiences have been positive. However, I do feel like as an Indigenous person in Australia, working in Tech it’s almost like I have to work twice as hard to prove myself. As well as noticing discrepancies in treatment i.e. much more scrutiny on the work I’m involved with, even if my output is higher or on par with peers.

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Seems like some implicit bias going on. How do you handle this type of micro-aggression?

I am curious is this has spilled over into how much you get paid for your work. Has it?